DJ Nick Thompson

Welcome to my mixes section…

I started clubbing and mixing during the golden age of trance music in the ’90s. This coincided with the dawn of the ‘superclub’ for house music in the UK, which saw promoters utilising larger venues for events. This not only increased the club’s capacity, but it also made it possible to host different styles of music in different rooms, or floors. The largest venues entertained thousands of clubbers week in and week out.

I have fond memories of nights out in some amazing clubs such as Cream @ Nation in Liverpool, Home @ 1 Leicester Square in London and the legendary Strawberry Sundae @ Cloud 9 in Vauxhall.

Whilst Strawberry Sundae didn’t qualify as a superclub, it was an amazing night which owed much of its success to its location underneath railway arches on the south bank near Vauxhall station. Picture the Cavern Club in Liverpool which helped to announce The Beatles’ arrival on the world stage in the 1960s. This was way before my time (honest), but as the Cavern Club is iconic to British music history, I’m sure most people have seen footage of the bricked arch interior. Strawberry Sundae, set in the twin bricked archways of Cloud 9 was very similar. The atmosphere was incredible week in, week out. The sound system was perfect for the dynamics of the arches and the laser effects accentuated the energy of the hard house and trance that was the soundtrack to Strawberry Sundae. It ran for years and I can still remember leaving the club one Sunday morning to find out Princess Diana had died. Talk about an instant come down 😬

Home in London was also an amazing venue which featured music over 7 floors of high-tech bling. The sound system in the main room where Paul Oakenfold played was unreal. However, Home was blighted by its location in central London under Westminster council. Its license was revoked after alleged evidence of drug dealing. Home just lasted 1 and a half years. It was a true shame to lose it as a venue but there’s no denying drug dealing occurred. Strawberry Sundae though, ran for many years and the presence of drugs, or measures to try to prevent them were no different from Home and all right opposite a UK government intelligence agency.

Anyway, I digress…

Feel free to browse through my mixes below. For the optimum listening experience, I recommend listening through decent speakers or headphones.

The sound quality on some of the older mixes is a bit crap due to them being converted from an analog source. However, I plan to improve those mixes by digitally mastering them at some point.